Audit Reform

Live Action

It was a real treat to work with the hilarious comedian Rosie Holt on this film to make the case for audit reform. I produced and developed the creative alongside Jon Date and Amy Barry at di:ga communications who were supported by a group of charities to pressure the UK government to clean up the audit industry.

Rosie Holt's tweet with the vid


“This is terrific from @RosieisaHolt. Not going for the obvious targets but a true national scandal Johnson is, inevitably, making worse.”

Nick Cohen - Observer

"A stampy stamp from me!"

Nicola White - Accounting Correspondent at Bloomberg

‘Audit reform goes mainstream! Amazing that brilliant Rosie Holt has hit on this.’

Alex JacobsJoffe Trust

‘This is brilliant! Please watch it. Far too often auditors enable #corruption, money laundering and other nefarious practices. The UK's watered down audit reform plans do little to help. Apparently the current government think concrete change is just "too boring". #taxjustice

Anneke VanWoudenberg - Rights and Accountability in Development

‘When a government's proposals on audit reform are so bad they generate material for comedians... ‘

Alex Cobham - Tax Justice Network