Hope not Hate

Live Action

‘We need EU migrants here. The economy depends on them. Most industries depend on them. Employers need their specialist skills. The NHS needs them to keep hospitals running. Farmers need them to pick fruit and veg’.

Made this film, back in Feb 2017, celebrating the contribution of EU migrants when MPs were voting on whether or not to remove them from the UK. EU migrants were, and still are, vilified by the media and scapegoated by many politicians. The film recognises and celebrates the economic, cultural and social contribution EU citizens make to Britain and asked people to contact their MPs to push the vote so they could stay after Brexit kicked in.

It was a massive viral hit getting over 3.5 million views on Facebook within several days, and was commented on by MPs, TV and print journalists. Unfortunately MPs still voted to remove EU migrants and *EVERYTHING* the film warns about their essential key skills, the economy, supplies, the NHS, picking fruit and veg, has come true.

The film was commissioned by the always amazing HOPE not hate. The research for the piece was from public domain papers on attitudes toward migrants by the brilliant British Future. I exec-produced and co-wrote the script. It was co-written and edited by Zak Klein and directed by Simon Ryninks - both brilliant filmmakers you should keep an eye on. It's performed by the lovely Adam Loxley.

Really wish it had made the difference!