Atime Works drove the conception, writing and production of this eye-catching human rights animation which helped launch the fledgling charity RightsInfo (now EachOther). The film went viral and was shared by the Independent, Huff Post, Upworthy, 38 Degrees, Films For Action, Amnesty, Liberty, Unicef, English Pen, Esme Fairburn and luminaries including Margaret Atwood and Bianca Jagger. It was officially selected for the prestigious Annecy Festival.

'This RightsInfo package is ingenious to me. A series of overlapping, semi-transparent color blocks, all of which form a delicate interdependent circle. It’s the perfect embodiment of a tenuous social contract. For the animation, the stacked layers are used to show strength, when stripping them away signals danger. The woodblock-style illustrations are chunky enough to carry hefty presence but are animated with a lithe sensibility.'

Digital Canvas


  • Client - RightsInfo
  • Narrated - Tim Key
  • Directed - Cub Studio
  • Produced - Atime Works & Cub Studio 
  • Concept - Atime Works & Adam Wagner
  • Written - Atime Works, Yoav Segal & Cub Studio 
  • Animated - Cub Studio 
  • Sound Design & Mix - Morgan Samuel 
  • Production support - Charlotte Thomas 
  • Voice Record - SNK Studios 
  • Produced with the kind support of the Legal Education Foundation